What is the NOVID-20 Virtual Run?

The NOVID-20 Virtual Run is a global virtual challenge using Strava to engage, unite, and inspire our running community to keep motivated, fit, and accelerate research for COVID-19.

NOVID-20 represents ‘NO VIral Disease in 2020’ and is our optimistic view a vaccine will be developed in 2020 to inoculate the COVID-19 virus. COVID-19 is looking back, NOVID-20 is looking ahead.

A Global Running Solidarity Movement in Response to COVID-19

Our 3 Goals:

GOAL #1:

Engage, unite, Inspire our Global Community

GOAL #2:

Create unique virtual running challenges to motivate runners to train and test their fitness


Raise funds to accelerate research for COVID-19 vaccine

Sign up to join the Virtual Run in your city/location …

There are Strava Clubs launched in over 30 locations around the globe as this initiative grows! Search ‘NOVID’ on Strava Clubs to choose your city/location.