What is the NOVID-20 Virtual Run?

The NOVID-20 Virtual Run is a global virtual challenge(s) using Strava to engage, unite, and inspire our running community to keep motivated, fit, and accelerate research for a COVID-19 vaccine.

It is FREE, supports all runners/walkers, and is not linked to any specific event/organization.

NOVID-20 represents ‘NO VIral Disease in 2020’ and is our optimistic view a vaccine will be developed in 2020 to inoculate the COVID-19 virus. COVID-19 is looking back, NOVID-20 is looking ahead.

The NOVID-20 Virtual Run was created by a group of running enthusiasts from Calgary, AB who are coming together to create positivity during these challenging and uncertain times.

The Virtual Run utilizes the (free) Strava fitness app and platform to provide runners/walkers a mechanism to join NOVID-20 Virtual Run Clubs in any location and encourages participants to sign up for monthly Strava walk or run challenges. There are currently over 30 locations with established Strava NOVID-20 Virtual Run Clubs around the world. The NOVID-20 Virtual Run was launched on March 30, 2020.

Donated funds will be granted to a research institution(s) to accelerate research for a COVID-19 vaccine that is recommended by a Scientific Advisory Committee.

What are the goals of NOVID-20 Virtual Run?

Goal #1: Engage, unite, Inspire our Global Community

Goal #2: Create unique virtual running challenges to motivate runners to train and test their fitness

Goal #3: Raise funds to accelerate research for COVID-19 vaccine

How do people participate?

Step #1: Join a NOVID-20 Strava Club for your preferred location

Step #2: Join a Strava Challenge

Step #3: Register with the global community & (optional) donate $20 to fund research for COVID-19 vaccine.

More Information and FAQs

For more information, visit the NOVID-20 Virtual Run website: https://novid20.run/

A list of FAQs can be accessed here: https://novid20.run/faq/

Contact us: info@novid20.run

Photos, Logos, and Social Assets

Photos, logos and social assets can be accessed here: https://mitocanadafoundation.box.com/s/27ri1ucmyi6n1hldyja9rc2t6sft8ecd

Social Media

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/novid20run/

Hashtags:   #NOVID20run   #ImmunityThroughCommunity #TogetherWeCanHelp #COVID19response

Media Contacts

Kirsten Fleming

Email: kirsten@calgarymarathon.com

Mobile: 587-899-2287

Blaine Penny

Email: blaine.penny@mitocanada.org

Mobile: 403-998-6080