All you need is a free Strava account to start and then just 3 easy steps.

Step #1: Join a NOVID-20 Strava Club

Signup with a Strava NOVID-20 Virtual Run ‘Club’ in your city/location

1a) – Search Strava Clubs for ‘NOVID-20’ and select your city/location club – e.g. NOVID-20 (Calgary)

1b) – Click ‘Join Club’

Step #2: Join Strava Challenges

Join Strava April Run Challenge(s) – 5k, 10k, half, full marathon, or distance challenge. (Note, you can sign up for multiple Challenges)

Step #3: Register with the global community & (optional) donate $20 to fund research for COVID-19 vaccine.

Click the link to register with the Global NOVID-20 Virtual Run event through Go Fund Me to stay connected to our community and donate $20 via Go Fund Me (to support COVID-19 research)

Building Immunity Through Community